About Magic Richard

Magic Richard is a well known magician,
who performs since 2 years in Taipei.
As managing director of the international purchasing
office of a large European IT company, magic is his
hobby rather than his profession.

However, with all kind of performances in small parties
with a couple of hundred guest to large celebrations with
more than 5000 participants, he covers the whole range
of modern magic.

Within two years, he became a regular part of the
large celebrations for the new lunar year of well known companies
such as Compal, Gigabyte, Mitac, Uniwill, Wistron and others.

His performances are well designed and follow a romantic
line like the 2003 show "Fire and Water" as well as
"Magic Moments 2004" where flowers and snow build the
basis of the show.

The affiliation of small but well performed tricks with
large illusions, accompanied by exiting and touching tales,
made Magic Richard a highly appreciated artist for any kind of festivity.